Bob’s Birth Certificate


3 Comments to “Bob’s Birth Certificate”

  1. I have never seen anyone so self absorbed and unbelievably ignorant in my entire life. This is truly frightening. I guess some people have to create websites in order to give false importance to their ideas. You’re just another gear in the Republican shit machine. They love riling up idiots like you to help spread their campaign of complete misinformation. But of course, you probably say you’re not a Republican right? You’re a Libertarian or Constitutionalist. Do the world a favor and take down this site and stop wasting your time influencing other idiots.

  2. Also hilarious that a guy who has a site devoted to liberty has to approve the comments on his website. Oh, the idiocy.

  3. And yet, the guy apparently did hang around and explore enough of this site to form an opinion.
    And as to the beginning of his comment- its hard to believe that he’s never ever watched Bill Maher- talk about self-absorbed and unbelievably ignorant…

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